KPS als „Beste Unternehmensberater 2022“ ausgezeichnet

KPS and Infront Consulting honoured for digitalisation strategies

„Best Consultants 2023“


New strategies and new tools for solving complex problems honoured for the tenth time

Munich, 10 March 2023. How will we react to the upcoming changes in our time, how will we deal with changes in organisations and structures? Old concepts must be put to the test and adapted to new challenges. More experimental spirit is needed for more growth – and the insight that we need new strategies and new knowledge for better solutions. With forward-looking strategies for digitalisation, the strategy consultancy Infront Consulting and KPS AG have now been ranked highly for the tenth time in the brandeins and Statista awards – distinguished in several sectors for a diverse expertise in various consulting fields.

Auszeichnung Beste Unternehmensberater 2023

Targeted individualisation of best-practice processes & use cases

In order to advise successfully and holistically across different industries, KPS follows the "all-star" approach with a diverse team of consultants: this includes not only a strategy team for the development of new business models in digital transformation, but also a team of customer experience specialists for all aspects of digital customer interaction at the front end, as well as experienced SAP experts for the large S/4HANA transformation projects, such as Coop Danmark.

All teams work together in the KPS Innovation Centres, where the latest technologies such as AI, voice assistance or AR meet the strategic potential of new business models or the performance optimisation of business processes in order to be always aware of the latest things that are happening.

With the Instant Platform, KPS also provides best-practice processes and use cases in the SAP standard for the food, fashion, lifestyle & luxury goods, garden, home & living and household & electronics sectors. For the targeted individualisation of particularly differentiating business processes, each customer project requires a new strategy for a new and successful solution path: KPS and Infront prove their willingness to experiment.

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