Elkjøp Customer Case: Personalisation Platform

Personalising the customer experience

Case Study

KPS Instant Personalisation Platform for Elkjøp

Excellent user experience through consistent personalisation

Omni-channel sales and cross-media communication, customer centricity and a personalised customer approach: The combination of the four strategic principles into a successful business model is not wishful thinking at Elkjøp, but is becoming reality. The largest electronics retailer in the Nordics has relied on KPS competencies to place a consistent and cross-channel personalised customer journey at the centre of its digital transformation.


Customer Centricity
We are a proud partner of KPS and working closely on the next generation retail project.
Julia Paulsen Director of E-Commerce Nordics bei ELKJØP

Resilience through flexibility: The new consumer behaviour

Informing oneself, choosing and shopping, either analogue or digital, depending on one's wishes and needs: it is not only the online-savvy generations Y and Z who have increasing expectations of product and service providers. In the time of the pandemic, the majority of consumers have adopted alternative, arbitrarily variable consumption habits. Flexible behaviour is becoming increasingly entrenched - on the one hand, because it proved its worth in the past crisis. On the other hand, it promises the highest resilience to all existing and coming imponderables in our everyday lives. 

Flexible shopping with an omni-channel provider

The flexibility to give consumers the choice between an analogue or digital shopping experience is a key advantage for successful customisation. But it only works if customers can switch seamlessly between the two worlds.

Personalisation in omni-channel environments: the typical problems

When it came to the practical implementation of seamless customer processes, Elkjøp was faced with challenges that retailers are very familiar with in an omni-channel context: a bumpy customer journey with unevenness in the transitions between the different media. The causes are usually inconsistencies in the areas of

  • Process organisation
  • Data management
  • Technological equipment
  • Distribution of the personalised shopping experience across all media channels and national borders
  • Problem-related know-how and personalisation skills in the workforce

In control of the digital commerce future with instant personalisation

From a wide-angle view of the social context to a granular zoom into strategic and technological fine-tuning: with KPS at their side, companies develop the ability to build an individualised user experience from every perspective. The insights gained in the process are continuously incorporated into a customised transformation solution.


Elkjøp Nordic's customer-centric optimised business model unfolds a whole series of success-effective effects. They help the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic countries to expand and secure its market position:

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