Doubling our release cycle to help LGC meet unprecedented demand for Covid related products

LGC Genomics - Nimble response in extraordinary times

The global pandemic put a huge – and sudden – strain on the demand from researchers and pharmaceutical companies for LGC Genomics’ Covid related products, and we’ve changed the way we work with them to help their customers find and purchase these products online. We have doubled our development release cycle so that we can accommodate speedy releases to improve the customer experience and product sorting for these products.


We’ve worked closely together with the LGC Genomics team to give the site a makeover, making it easier for customers to find COVID-19 products in the minimal amount of clicks. With the help of our trusted content management partner, Amplience, as well as SAP Commerce’s Smartedit feature, we were rapidly able to update banners and content to bring them in line with LGC Genomics Covid specific strategy.


To further improve customer experience, we worked together to create collections – each collection featuring 15 – 20 relevant products, making it easier and faster for customers to find what they are looking for and to purchase everything needed to create a full ‘kit’.


With many of the new features implemented, we’ve developed the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach, which allows us to quickly deploy a working feature that provides immediate value to the customer, but allows us to build upon with later deployments.

LGC Standards

LGC Standards provides products and services to improve measurements and quality control within the laboratory and is part of the LGC, whose LGC Science & Technology Division acts as the UK National Measurement Institute for chemical and bioanalytical measures. 


Providing over 100,000 products, including reference materials, pharmaceutical impurity reference standards, biological standards and reagents, and proficiency testing. 


We’ve been working with them since March 2018, with recent work dedicated to redesigning the checkout process – reducing a two-page operation down to one, including a full front-end redesign. With solid development, rapid testing integrations, good collaboration and client communication, we were able to deploy this successfully through a day-time rolling release with no issues… In fact, the site revenue was in excess of 6 figures all whilst this was going on.

LGC Clinical Diagnostics


The clinical diagnostics division of LGC is the latest to join the partnership.


They work with diagnostics companies, CROs, central labs and clinical testing laboratories, providing them with tools and solutions that give them the confidence in the performance of diagnostic instruments and quality and reliability of their data.   


Their work helps customers bring accurate diagnosis and improved outcomes for patients, playing a vital role in their customer’s quest to diagnose and treat diseases most effectively and improve the quality of lives.

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