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Supply Chain & Logistics

New competitive advantages are already on the way!

The goal

Developing the supply chain into a growth factor

Digitalisation opens up extensive opportunities for companies to grow and transform their logistics and delivery processes into real competitive features with new services, value-adding business models and scalable IT platforms. KPS offers a unique combination of strategic consulting and the highest level of implementation expertise - ready to use!

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The six target characteristics of a smart supply chain

  • Multi-partner platform model
  • Information and capacity sharing
  • Collaborative warehouse structures
  • Dynamic transport management
  • Demand-flexible scaling of the supply chain
  • Digitalisation and automation as efficiency keys


With innovative technologies and excellent partnerships, KPS delivers sustainable value creation

KPS works with the leading solution providers to deliver on our promise: High-performance solutions for Commerce & Services, with the best engineering on state-of-the-art architectures. Our partner network includes regional and global providers and is based on strategic, trusting and sustainable cooperation.

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Tobias Götz, Managing Partner KPS

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