Optimising service management with Sinch

Service Management Optimisation

Bring your customer service into the new era

The goal

Transform your contact centre

Customers sometimes have very high expectations of a company's customer service. They want to be able to establish direct contact with customer service on the platform of their choice. To this end, customers do not want to be confronted with long waiting times or be passed on from person to person so that their enquiry can be processed or a problem solved. In order not to have to wait, customers would prefer a conversation with a chatbot - companies should do justice to this development and this new expectation towards them.


Are your customers stuck in the queue for too long?

Customers often have to wait far too long for service requests. If the waiting time is perceived as too long, this circumstance sometimes costs the company the loyalty of its customers. According to survey data, 80% of customers even change brands because of a bad experience with customer service. A bad assessment of customer service is not only caused by long waiting times, but also by being passed on to different people to solve a problem. Over 80% of consumers expect to be able to solve complex problems by talking to just one person.


Making customers more satisfied with a modern service

And more reasons why you should switch now

Success factors

Transform your contact centre with the right tools

Routing to the right person is crucial for high customer satisfaction. Bots for voicemail and conversations, as well as chat, are a must to handle high volumes of inbound traffic. Actionable insights from your reports will improve your customer service.

Contact Center Forwarding

Finding the way to the right agent at the right time, with the right knowledge

It is precisely the different channels of contact and the forwarding to the appropriate service employee who can solve the problem or answer the question that takes time. If this process is managed automatically across all channels, customers are forwarded to the right employee within the shortest possible time.

Contact Center Chatbots

Chat and voice bots help you scale through automation

  • Are you new to the world of bots?

No problem! We have pre-configured templates tailored to different industries.

  • Would you like to train your own bot but have no technical skills or team?

Don't worry! Our platform is a no-code platform that is easy for anyone to use and we do the setup for you!

  • Do you need bots for different channels and for several languages?

Don't worry! Chatlayer is a multilingual platform that automatically translates your bot into all the languages you need. No extra work for you, but more convenience for your customers.

Contact Center Chatbots

Chat and voice bots help you scale your requirements through automation

Module & Partner

Modulare Infrastruktur als Erfolgsprinzip für Ihre technologische Transformation

Ausgehend vom Prinzip der Modularität gestalten KPS-Marketingexperten automatisierte Marketing-Systeme mit maßgeschneidertem Aufbau. Durch die Integration interoperabler Funktionsbausteine auf einer modularen Plattform sind reibungslose Prozessabläufe sichergestellt und das symptomatische Herumdoktern an mangelhaften Features erübrigt sich. 

Success stories

Secure a clear advantage over your competitors.

Well-known brands such as the international luxury brand Harrods achieve a clear lead over their competitors with us.

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