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Recognise and avoid mistakes

How to make your SAP Concur implementation a success

SAP Concur Solutions

Powerful software systems suffer most from integration errors

"Keep it simple" is always a good advice. In the everyday world of digital transformation, its relevance remains unchallenged, but should be taken with a grain of salt. Experience shows: Digitisation measures without context and technological changes without a plan miss their targets in most cases and are the most frequent causes of failed transformation projects. The fact that particularly powerful software systems suffer most from integration errors only seems contradictory at first glance. The dangers that lurk especially during the introduction of versatile and highly flexible platforms are easy to understand on closer inspection. To understand them, we need only look at the most common mistakes companies can make when implementing SAP Concur travel and expense management software.

Finde the right balance between Individualisation and Standardisation

Individualisation and Standardisation

Find the Right Balance Between Individualisation and Standardisation

Creating the optimal balance between individualisation and standardisation is one of the greatest challenges for international project teams. On the one hand, regulatory requirements demand individual solutions in many cases. Separate receipt formats, special features in the reporting of value-added tax, or special requirements in the preparation of tax reports are among the aspects of travel expense management that require a country-specific approach. On the other hand, there is the requirement for the greatest possible standardisation, which is one of the most important prerequisites for optimising process efficiency.

Focus on implementing variants

How to deal with variant diversity and specifications

The more a company's sphere of activity branches out internationally, the higher the risk of either getting lost in an exuberant diversity of variants or completely losing sight of important special cases. A transformation project with SAP Concur must therefore focus on implementing variants as much as necessary, but as little as possible.

The most effective way to quickly build a powerful system is perfect preparation. KPS gathered specific knowledge about the requirements of each country based on many international projects. This knowledge is available for immediate retrieval.

Documented requirements profiles for each country enable KPS to deliver the SAP Concur system suitable for each country in no time – with a pre-configuration level of 95 percent!

By taking tax and company law requirements into account at an early stage, KPS ensures that the implementation does not get bogged down at any point. This initial release strategy saves companies a lot of valuable time right from the start, which leaves even more room for the most important things: customisation and intensive training of the application on the client side.

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