The Body Shop SAP Commerce Cloud

The Body Shop

Our largest digital transformation project to date

Internationally renowned beauty brand with an animal cruelty-free ethos, 3,000 outlets across 65 countries and 14 separate country sites online, needed a new e-commerce store as their legacy technology was quickly becoming obsolete.

This exciting journey started back in 2019 when The Body Shop came to us with a re-platforming project with a quick go-live. We kicked off in March 2019 with an intense discovery consultation programme, creating a comprehensive roadmap for the project ahead. 18 months later we had developed a platform on SAP’s Commerce Cloud version 2 coupled with their brand new Spartacus frontend SPA. Spartacus was so new that it had not officially been released when we started the build. 

As well as the implementation of SAP Commerce Cloud, the project has also involved multiple aspects of the SAP CX/C4 suite including SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP ERP Central Component. Site functionalities such as multi-currency and multi-language were also included. 

To get this project over the line, we worked hand-in-hand with a whole host of fanatic partners: Adyen, Amplience, Monetate and BazarreVoice.

Not only was this project one of the largest digital transformation projects we’ve ever been involved with, but it is also one of the first large Spartacus implementations in the world. Rolling the transactional site out globally across 10 different releases over a few weeks, the new site is now live in over 60 countries.

With an exciting roadmap in development for 2021, we cannot wait to see where this partnership will take us next.

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