KPS Instant Transformation

KPS Instant Transformation

Supply chain specialist GRAPHYTE becomes part of KPS

Supply chain specialist GRAPHYTE becomes part of KPS

SAP CX Partner of the year

Exceptional experiences powered by SAP

Consumer behaviours are constantly evolving. At KPS, we are on a mission to give your customers more meaningful interactions and quicker, smoother, hyper-personalised buying journeys.


With two decades of B2C and B2B experience across diverse industries and SAP Gold accredited status, we are specialists in delivering on your vision for long term growth. Our solutions can transform customer experience at scale, across multiple channels and with agility.


Whether you need to make your business processes leaner with an effective enterprise-grade backend transformation or want an award-winning omnichannel eCommerce site - we can help you unify your customer's journey and give them an unforgettable impression of your business.

One step ahead

The time for change is now

The digital world moves at an astonishing pace. At KPS, building better systems for the future is our primary focus, and we always have one eye on the next big idea. We challenge ourselves to learn which business models, trends, technologies, architectures, partners, products and people will best help you secure a competitive advantage.


We design solutions that can improve performance and customer experience today but will be scalable for tomorrow. Together we will work to keep you ahead of the game.


Industry-leading SAP Expertise

KPS is the industry’s leading expert in SAP S/4HANA implementation for retail and a top global partner for all SAP Customer Experience areas, including creating omnichannel solutions and managing customer experiences with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Industry expertise

European market leader in retail, partner for all

We are the leading partner for retail and consumer goods, but we also apply our extensive know-how to all companies that focus on the best possible interaction with their customers - no matter what the industry.

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Team spirit

Be part of the future

KPS offers a unique experience for people with exceptional talent.


With our diverse portfolio of industry specialisations, challenging projects and extensive European network, we can give you skills and experience to accelerate change, build the future and create added value for our clients.


If you’re passionate about innovation, have a head full of ideas and want to make a real difference, KPS is the right place for you.

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