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Instant Invoice Management

Advanced solutions for the future


Invoice Management solutions - a long awaited transformation

There is an urgent need to transform your manual, organisational invoice management processes into workflow-based, digital processes with intelligent data extraction because...

paper-based invoices and manual data capturing increase processing effort

organisational, non-system-supported processes create transparency, slowdown and even document loss

high processing times lead to loss of cash discounts

different input channels and formats leads to heterogenous and unclear processing procedure

a lack of information and missed payment deadlines increase supplier dissatisfaction


Enhancing your Invoice Scenario

Every company is different, but one goal is always the same: create added value! Benefit from a real added value with our future-proof end-to-end invoice verification solution. KPS Instant Invoice Management takes invoice verification to a new level, streamlining existing structures and processes through digitalisation.

We know that every business is different, but one goal always remains the same: add value! We want our customers to benefit from real added value with our future-proof and seamless end-to-end invoice verification solution.
Axel Beck Partner KPS

Our offering

KPS can help you streamlining and automating your invoice management processes


Real added value with KPS Instant Invoice Solutions

A man in a suit sprints up a flight of stairs | Invoice Management Solutions Benefits


We help you take your invoice verification to the next level

Fast implementation

Up to 90% automatic postings from the start

100% transparency of incoming invoices

Current and future international regulatory compliance

Industry-tailored KPS best practices

Sustainable invoice management solution

success stories

The strategies are confidential, the successes are tangible

Download Expert Interview

Secure and digital invoice verification processes with KPS Instant Invoice Management

An expert interview with Axel Beck

Axel Beck, expert for Invoice Management Solutions, explained to us in an interview how the digitalisation solution works, what advantages it offers and which companies benefit from its use.

Read an excerpt of the interview here - we offer you the complete interview for downloading.


The CFO receives effective support in pursuing his or her goals efficiently and successfully realizing them. The gain: optimized cost control, healthy growth and sustainability.
Axel Beck KPS Partner

Mr. Beck let’s get straight to the point: To introduce the topic, can you briefly define what is meant by “Instant Invoice Management”?

A. Beck: "KPS Instant Invoice Management is a full line solution focused on invoice verification. Starting with invoice receipt, the solution covers the entire invoice verification process. Features include audit-compliant archiving, as well as invoice data capturing with the aid of intelligent components, workflow-based invoice verification for invoices with and without order references, and posting in financial accounting (FI)."


What does Instant Invoice Management do?

A. Beck: "Instant Invoice Management ensures that the CFO has access to a fully digitalized and automated invoice verification process. The system underpins efficient, time-optimized processes, which ensures that the terms of payment are used effectively. It delivers a positive impact in that it saves a great deal of time and money. Another important point: process control and transparency make a significant contribution to adhering to existing compliance guidelines. Moreover, predefined reports facilitate the analysis of all the relevant KPIs. The invoice verification process can therefore be optimized on an ongoing basis, allowing costs to be reduced further."


So KPS Instant Invoice Management is directly relevant for the CFO?

A. Beck: "KPS Instant Invoice Management is part of the CFO Agenda 2025. This agenda offers content (assets) that has been preconfigured and predefined drawing on best practices, while being geared to the needs and activities of today’s CFO."


Partnering for Success​

Together with our solution partners, we provide our customers with added value in specific areas to strengthen their competitive edge in the global marketplace.


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Axel Beck, Partner KPS

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