A digital display
A digital display

Market-driven transformation

Growing with the markets

The aim

Increase competitiveness in a targeted manner

Markets are constantly evolving. Be it through disruptive technologies and innovations, new services and products, trends and changing preferences, or through new competitors, changing framework conditions, regulations, sales crises, environmental influences and much more.

Instant Transformation

Effective market success with KPS

Identifying opportunities in changing markets,  choosing the right strategies and business models, holistically transforming and integrating processes and achieving true differentiation through targeted customisation - this is the holistic offering of KPS.

Effective throughout the company

Our programmes and platforms

Ready for action

Our market-driven solutions and services

Customers are becoming more and more demanding, business is getting faster and faster. We offer targeted solutions and services for innovative and efficient customer journeys and touchpoints. And for the underlying processes in marketing, sales, e-commerce, customer service and fulfilment. Our holistic expertise not only leads to quick successes that can be experienced right from the start, but also to seamless integration into the company's operational processes.

KPS managed to implement a stable platform for the entire customer management in a very short time. Both the migration of customer data and the connection to existing systems went smoothly and to our complete satisfaction.
Bernd Grande Leiter IT Globus


Know more, act better


So haben andere Unternehmen die digitale Transformation mit KPS marktseitig gestartet

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