Mann im Logistik-Hafen mit Weltkarte und Containern

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SAP @home24: B. Wittekind im Interview
Miguel Noci @Celsa Group
Sigrun Löffelholz @Globus
Interview mit Siegrun Löffelholz von Globus


Sigrun Löffelholz

Die Globus Marketing-Leiterin über die Zielsetzungen des Programmes „Mein Globus“, enge Zeitpläne und die Erreichung wichtiger Meilensteine mit KPS.
Brigitte Wittekind @Home24


SAP @home 24

B. Wittekind spricht über die Implementierung von SAP bei home24.
Miguel Noci @Celsa Group


Miguel Noci @Celsa Group

emphasizes the good collaboration with KPS.

Industries from A-Z

Success through Instant Transformation

At KPS, we work with clients in all types of industries to achieve full digital transformation individually and securely. Comprehensive transformation programmes, industry-specific platforms, cross-industry customer interaction and excellent solutions and services combined with our effective Instant Transformation approach make us the leading partner for digital transformation.


We are the leading partner for retail and consumer goods, but we also apply our extensive know-how to all those companies that focus on the best possible interaction with their customers - regardless of the industry.

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