KPS Loyalty Scoring

Maximize Customer Loyalty with the KPS Loyalty Check

Loyalty Scoring - Evaluating Customer Loyalty

Step 1

Loyalty Scoring - Evaluating Customer Loyalty

Based on the KPS Loyalty Scoring Model, we assess the loyalty of your customers by evaluating various factors. By analyzing existing customer loyalty incentives, purchase histories, and other relevant data, we create a customized scoring model that quantifies the loyalty of each individual customer. This provides valuable insights to better understand your customer base and take targeted actions to enhance customer loyalty.
Gap Analysis - Identifying Loyalty Gaps

Step 2

Gap Analysis - Identifying Loyalty Gaps

Our Gap Analysis is a vital component of the KPS Loyalty Check. It helps identify potential gaps between actual customer loyalty and your desired ideal state. We analyze your customer loyalty program, conduct comparisons, and identify areas where improvements can be made. This allows you to allocate your resources effectively and implement measures to strengthen customer loyalty.
Actionable Recommendations - Retain Customers, Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue!

Step 3

Actionable Recommendations - Retain Customers, Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue!

Our recommendations are based on the results of the Gap Analysis and are designed to boost customer loyalty and reduce costs. We know that acquiring new customers is typically more expensive than retaining existing ones. That's why our recommendations focus on continually delighting your loyal customers and increasing their engagement. This will enable you to build long-term relationships and drive revenue growth.

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