A loyalty programme for all customers? Generation Z ticks differently.

One loyalty programme for all customers?

Generation Z thinks differently

Sustainable Loyalty Programmes

Generation Z differs from other buyer groups

A loyalty programme for all customers? It takes more than a generic loyalty programme to keep different groups of customers loyal to the brand. Instead of simply awarding points on a purchase, brands/companies should know and understand their customers, their expectations and wishes in detail. How can different customer groups, especially new customer groups, be addressed and what role does social media play in this context?

Generation Z

Traders face new challenges

Generation Z ticks differently and has different behavioural patterns compared to previous generations, which poses new challenges for retailers. For them, highly personalised addressing, social media presence of brands and good user experience are almost a matter of course.

Online around the clock


Always online

Having grown up with the internet and social networks, Generation Z spends an average of 8+ hours a day online.  While many Gen Zers log on primarily via smartphone, only 25% of Millennials, 17% of Gen X and 7% of Baby Boomers prefer their mobile phone as their primary source of content/device for internet use.

Loyalty Programme

What exactly can a loyalty programme look like in the context of social media?

Those who understand the different needs and requirements of their customers can optimally adapt their loyalty programme to them and thus better define it. Companies should therefore pay particular attention to tailoring their offer to the lifestyle and values of their buyer groups and integrate social networks into their loyalty strategy.

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