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International perspectives, first-class customers, challenging projects, state-of-the-art technologies, immediately effective company integration and a working environment characterized by inspiration, scope for decision-making and appreciation. Perhaps we needn’t go into too much detail to convince you of KPS as your new employer. But we'll do that now anyway. At least a little bit.

Working with community spirit

Team spirit

Working with community spirit

Respect, interaction, good vibes

We love working together and being part of each others’ lives. We respect, support and motivate each other. We are there for each other right from the beginning, stand up for our colleagues and give each other security. We appreciate our exchange on all levels – professional and private. This creates a team spirit in which personal performance counts just as much as genuine cohesion and individual happiness.
Getting together and grooving with KPS management and all the new people on board – that’s instant integration, so to speak.
This is where the joint advancement of genuine innovations is at home. Inspire, think ahead, move forward! 
Regular exchange with the team across national borders, including a “party package”
We not only celebrate our successes but sometimes just life itself. Here's to a vibrant community!
We shape the company’s soundtrack together, across all countries, teams and positions. One, two, three ...
KPS Academy


Keep moving together

Flexibility, mobility, further education and training

We want to keep moving – not just physically, but also in our minds and in the way we shape our lives. As a company, we never stand still, we are always developing our skills, and we will move you forward quickly and purposefully with flexibility and individual training. We use the latest mobility options, stay fit together and stand up for others – because that's how we make a difference for our customers, the environment and society.
Your life is on the move? We react flexibly and open up individual possibilities 
We’ll get you ahead, with training from leadership to communication, from SAP to business language courses
Sustainability drives us, which is why we like to be on the go with an eye to the future
Cycling with tax benefits – will not only keep you physically fit, but also keep your account in good shape
Greener business travel – naturally also available for your private undertakings
Pay confidently when traveling without having to pay in advance
Train together, run together – for a good cause and for a better community
Team Activities KPS

KPS Fresh!

Fit for the future

Health, balance, family

Our firm conviction: Work is important, but health and well-being are at least as important. We don't just think about you, but also about your family. Together, we want to stay healthy, counteract negative stress and ensure a genuine balance between career and family life.  
Fitness for the whole family, super flexible and in many cities – Ready? Go for it!
Designed according to the latest findings and adapted to individual requirements
From kindergarten subsidies to nanny services for company parties – KPS and kids, a genuine win-win
Together, we’ll make sure that family and career mix and match perfectly

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