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In the KPS blog, experts write about the Digital Transformation - here, background knowledge and facts are conveyed and, above all, you find inspiration for your own entrepreneurial transformation. Each article shows a new perspective - the blog series deal with the new big topics of the future.


The authors of the Instant Insights in the KPS blog are experts on their topic and are happy to answer any questions you as a reader may have! Feel free to get in touch.

Data, Analytics & AI
Google Marketing Datawarehouse: Power through BigQuery
By Paul Anderie on Jul 14, 2023 / Reading time: 5 Min.
Google Marketing meets BigQuery: The ultimate combination for effective data analysis and successful campaigns.
GA4: Successful Google Analytics migration in 6 steps
By Paul Anderie on Jun 19, 2023 / Reading time: 5 Min.
Learn how to successfully switch to the Analytics revolution: From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Benefit from new functions and possibilities. Find out now!
Intelligent and human - 4 examples of an individual user approach in eCommerce
By Alisa Ziegenfuß on Jan 20, 2023 / Reading time: 4 Min.
Using four examples, you will learn what an individual, supportive and purchase-motivating user approach looks like. Learn more about the insights of Valon Xhafa and Thilo Pfrang, founders of behamics and experts on the topic of AI-supported behavioural control in eCommerce.
Online customers become more decisive with AI
By Alisa Ziegenfuß on Dec 6, 2022 / Reading time: 4 Min.
Technologies make eCommerce easier, more personal and more profitable. How does a highly individualised customer approach improve the buying process and support customers in their purchase decision?
AI as a sustainable problem solver in the supply chain
By Joachim Getto on Dec 14, 2021 / Reading time: 4 Min.
Is artificial intelligence (AI) really capable of serving as a sustainable problem solver of a complex adaptive system like the supply chain? In this blog, I argue AI's ability to drive supply chain knowledge management.
Predictive Forecasting
By Michael Schweikl on Nov 29, 2021 / Reading time: 4 Min.
New business models such as "home delivery" within ten minutes or click-and-collect solutions are putting pressure on the market. AI-based solutions help companies to forecast demand more accurately, to have goods available exactly and thus to increase EBIT.
How does an AI affect your SC?
By Joachim Getto on Oct 28, 2021 / Reading time: 4 Min.
AI can process a multitude of external and internal data and trigger error-free decisions based on it. AI enables smooth operations at all nodes of the supply chain and is able to orchestrate and automate the cooperation between logistics and production.
Individualisation via information - What is relevant?
By Dr. Lucas Calmbach on Aug 27, 2020 / Reading time: 4 min.
Could AI now be used to populate campaigns with relevant content? In fact, AI approaches an optimized solution step by step and through continuous training.
Personalised marketing through AI
By Dr. Lucas Calmbach on Apr 16, 2020 / Reading time: 3 min.
How can it be ensured that customers receive only content that appeals to them personally and adds value? With the aid of AI, content can be disseminated more efficiently.

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