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Innovations to make customers' lives easier

1. Two-step checkout

For most retailers, the idea of interrupting a customer’s purchase is unimaginable. However, evidence in the DAP showed it could be a helpful step in the checkout process, with some retailers adding up to five interruptions at checkout. Brakes took this theory and used a two-step process to remind customers of something useful and relevant – something they had previously bought, or a product linked to an existing basket item. This simple change has resulted in a 1% uplift in the number of boxes (consolidated and packed orders) sold through the website each week.  
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1. Page depth increase

At just 12 products per page, the DAP revealed Brakes’ page depths were much shorter than its competitors. By increasing the number of products per page to 60, Brakes customers no longer click through multiple pages to find the product they want. This was a simple but critical move for Brakes, as with less than 60 products in most specific categories, many category searches display every product available on a single page. Removing the need to click through multiple pages gives customers a much easier buying journey – crucial in the B2B market where buyers are generally not browsers and strapped for time. Customers have doubled the number of products added to basket as a result. 
online page depth increase

1. Seach user interaction

Search functionality always offers lots of opportunities for improvement. The DAP inspired Brakes to improve search interaction by adding previous search terms when users click search, creating new drop-down menus that include category filters and product suggestions that appear as you type. Additional customer experience tweaks include bolding the typed text in the results preview and having the search menu (filters and category list) appear in the search results screen to allow users to see what they have selected immediately. Early indications already show an improvement to Net Promoter score before vs after these improvements. Crucially, adding a level of intuitive behaviour and signalling allows Brakes to get the right products displayed to the right customers at the right time – and, as a result, impact revenue?
Online search user interaction


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