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Case Study

Nearly thirty years ago, Chrissie Rucker had a vision: to create a company that specialised in affordable, stylish homeware, predominantly in white

What began as a 12-page mail-order brochure is now one of the UK’s fastest-growing multi-channel retailers and a trusted lifestyle brand – offering home accessories, fragrance, furniture, clothing, loungewear, nightwear and children’s wear.

The White Company’s ambitious mission is ‘to be the global destination for effortless, stylish living.’ Look and feel are therefore vital components of the brand, and a critical factor in appealing to its target audience.

All of its 60 plus UK stores are deliberately designed to feel like a tranquil oasis – fresh, stylish and minimalist. That calm, uncluttered and relaxed feeling was one thing to create in store, but a whole different challenge online.

The process started with the customer  - mapping out all stages of the customer journey and identifying pain points and requirements. Combined with competitor research, this formed the basis for creating a vision for the new customer journey

KPS helped The White Company scale teams quickly and efficiently to deliver an improved customer experience in the latest case study. 

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