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3 steps to a successful SAP Commerce Cloud migration

Analyse. Plan. Realise.

KPS Cloud Readiness Workshop

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Your SAP Commerce Cloud Migration

As an SAP Commerce customer (formerly SAP Hybris), we are offfering a free, no-obligation, bespoke assessment of your business case. As part of our KPS Cloud Readiness Workshop, we analyse your current e-commerce platform and document your specific requirements for a fast and clean cloud migration. This will give you an overview of the key factors when converting your system from SAP Hybris to SAP Commerce Cloud.

We are happy to advise you about your upcoming migration to the SAP Commerce Cloud! Contact us for your Cloud Readiness Workshop!


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Barnaby Moffat, Commercial Director of KPS UK

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    E-Commerce projects, Cloud migration, Commercial strategy, Business development, Company positioning  

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