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Connected Commerce

Unifying customer touchpoints

Customer Centric Commerce

Providing consistent experiences across all customer touchpoints

Modern commerce is now highly digitised and customer focused. Creating the perfect customer experience and understanding how to improve each step in the customer journey are critical ingredients for commercial success. 


It’s only by taking a holistic view of your customer journey, uniting all key touchpoints, adding personalisation and maximising connectivity, that you can create a seamless unified omnichannel experience for your customers.  This allows them to interact and transact with you on their terms and through any channel they choose. 


A unified customer journey not only creates effective customer experiences, but also builds stronger customer loyalty and ensures operational excellence. 

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Customer Experience

Customer experience is everything

Consumers have changed. Convenience is king. Every transaction needs to be as simple and straight forward as possible. 


Experience is now valued more than price, product or availability – 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. Getting it right is vital to retaining customers and developing your growth strategy. 


Convenience and experience are everything


From acquisition to loyalty

Connected journeys enable brands to hit their KPIs and make justified data-based decisions about how to connect with their customer base at every touchpoint. Connected customer experience is the interplay of multiple systems and actions, providing a consistent, seamless experience across:

KPS plays an important role in helping deliver our E-commerce platforms, understanding our customers and developing, optimising and unifying their experience by helping us achieve a 360 view across channels.
Head of Digital Data Innovation & Architecture Saint Gobain
SAP Building blocks

Instant Transformation


Our completely unique instant transformation solution unifies all processes into one scalable, integrated platform.  With each component designed to be used seamlessly with the next, you can pick and choose the building blocks of your SAP enabled customer experience transformation.


With all core technology ready to use immediately, this instant platform approach delivers industry-leading end-to-end experiences using modular packaged cloud-based applications to deliver excellence across commerce, marketing, sales, service and CDP.

Our Work

Our proven track record of excellence

Our mission is to help you realise the full capabilities of an omni-channel SAP CX suite. With our industry-leading know-how and passion for successful transformations, we develop e-commerce solutions that increase sales, boost conversion rates and deliver excellent customer experiences.


Our work has not only delivered successful customer case studies - it also wins us international awards. Take a look for yourself!


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Barnaby Moffat, Commercial Director of KPS UK

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