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In the KPS blog, experts write about the Digital Transformation - here, background knowledge and facts are conveyed and, above all, you find inspiration for your own entrepreneurial transformation. Each article shows a new perspective - the blog series deal with the new big topics of the future.


The authors of the Instant Insights in the KPS blog are experts on their topic and are happy to answer any questions you as a reader may have! Feel free to get in touch.

CX Management
How to Future-proof Your E-Commerce Tech Stack
By Tim Hillmann on Aug 29, 2023 / Reading time: 5 min.
KPS’s CTO, Tim Hillman, discusses how retailers can adopt a more composable approach to their tech stack to meet customer expectations, beat the competition and enjoy compounding returns over time.
Discover the top 10 tips to achieve a smooth user experience on marketplaces
By Hamid Gazestani on Aug 10, 2023 / Reading time: 5 Min.
Marketplaces require a consistent user experience to accommodate the increased complexity caused by having multiple sellers.
From Silos to Success: Breaking Down Barriers with a Single View of the Customer
By KPS on Mar 28, 2023 / Reading time: 5 min.
Building an SCV can be a complex process so it is vitally important to understand how you will realise the benefits before you invest the time and money in it. The main reason why any business should build a single customer view is that it allows them to provide highly targeted and consistent personalised marketing and experiences to their customers across all channels and touchpoints.
Intelligent and human - 4 examples of an individual user approach in eCommerce
By Alisa Ziegenfuß on Jan 20, 2023 / Reading time: 4 Min.
Using four examples, you will learn what an individual, supportive and purchase-motivating user approach looks like. Learn more about the insights of Valon Xhafa and Thilo Pfrang, founders of behamics and experts on the topic of AI-supported behavioural control in eCommerce.
B2B Data Challenges: Building a Single Customer View
By KPS on Jan 11, 2023 / Reading time: 3 min.
Data is to the 21st century what oil was to the 18th. With this so important, the next step is not just about having more of it but using what you have in the most effective way possible. Enter the Single Customer View (SCV).
Online customers become more decisive with AI
By Alisa Ziegenfuß on Dec 6, 2022 / Reading time: 4 Min.
Technologies make eCommerce easier, more personal and more profitable. How does a highly individualised customer approach improve the buying process and support customers in their purchase decision?
Is your B2B ready to provide next-level CX?
By KPS on Nov 18, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
Let us talk about the challenges that are stopping great customer experiences in B2B from getting off the ground. Speaking on a recent roundtable hosted by KPS, industry leaders in the area came together to discuss: What is holding businesses back?
Keeping transactions safe and building customer's trust
By KPS on Jun 21, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
The arrival of payment systems that function seamlessly with mobile devices, in-app, or online has encouraged the financial sector to innovate across the payments journey. But having accelerated the movement of even the most traditional of shoppers to digital and mobile apps over the past two years, building trust throughout the payments part of the buying journey is now key for banks.
Implementation failures – The 4 biggest mistakes and how to avoid them
By Andreas Pagh Andersen on May 30, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
Regardless of industry and size, the sources of errors that hinder companies on their transformation journey are the same. If you are planning a digitisation project with SAP Concur in your company, these premises will help you embark on a successful transformation path.
Connecting systems with Cloud ERP
By Jørgen Klüwer on May 9, 2022 / Reading time: 5 min.
ERP is about more than just evolving how your company manages its supply chains. Many of the businesses I speak to lament their ability to connect aspects of their business processes together. I have long advocated for integration and automation as pillars onto which thriving and innovative businesses can be built.

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