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In the KPS blog, experts write about the Digital Transformation - here, background knowledge and facts are conveyed and, above all, you find inspiration for your own entrepreneurial transformation. Each article shows a new perspective - the blog series deal with the new big topics of the future.


The authors of the Instant Insights in the KPS blog are experts on their topic and are happy to answer any questions you as a reader may have! Feel free to get in touch.

Supply Chain Management
How to improve mobile warehouse operations with the use of SAP Screen Personas
By KPS on Dec 21, 2023 / Reading time: 7 Min.
The SAP Screen Personas tool enhances mobile warehouse processes. Learn more about benefits and applications in the KPS Blog.
Rapid delivery could change the way we shop for groceries
By KPS on Feb 3, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
A surprising detail from the pandemic is that while certain industries have seen significant losses from dramatic lifestyle changes (automakers and the service industry, for example) and the resulting changes in consumer behaviours - other industries are thriving.
After the shipping crisis: is shopping locally better?
By KPS on Jan 19, 2022 / Reading time: 4 min.
The beaching of the Ever Given, one of the world’s largest shipping containers, must have been a rare moment in history where a shipping container disaster diverted the world’s attention.
AI as a sustainable problem solver in the supply chain
By Joachim Getto on Dec 14, 2021 / Reading time: 4 Min.
Is artificial intelligence (AI) really capable of serving as a sustainable problem solver of a complex adaptive system like the supply chain? In this blog, I argue AI's ability to drive supply chain knowledge management.
Predictive Forecasting
By Michael Schweikl on Nov 29, 2021 / Reading time: 4 Min.
New business models such as "home delivery" within ten minutes or click-and-collect solutions are putting pressure on the market. AI-based solutions help companies to forecast demand more accurately, to have goods available exactly and thus to increase EBIT.
How to determine the best strategy for your Fashion Supply Chain
By KPS on Nov 15, 2021 / Reading time: 4 Min.
One reaction to increasing individualisation is, for example, ever smaller batch sizes. A new idea comes into play here: scaling is necessary in both directions.
How does an AI affect your SC?
By Joachim Getto on Oct 28, 2021 / Reading time: 4 Min.
AI can process a multitude of external and internal data and trigger error-free decisions based on it. AI enables smooth operations at all nodes of the supply chain and is able to orchestrate and automate the cooperation between logistics and production.
How does Process Mining achieve fast and efficient results?
By Christine Huschenbeth on Jun 15, 2021 / Reading time: 4 min.
What can we do to increase the number of "perfect processes"? From the ordering process to delivery and receipt of payment, things can go wrong. With sufficient available data, we make predictions, correct deviations or at least plan for them. How could this look like for the complex area of logistics?
What does the fashion supply chain need in a crisis?
By Tobias Götz on Mar 16, 2021 / Reading time: 5 min.
Service in logistics is part of a convincing product: Logistics has evolved from a supporting process in the value chain to a core process. Only those survive in the market who convince the customer with their reliability, speed and service orientation in the supply chain.
What must logistics offer in the future?
By Jørgen Klüwer on May 7, 2020 / Reading time: 5 min.
Shopping via face and product recognition via camera data analysis is already being tested as a new standard - the operation of the last mile by drone or autonomously driving delivery vehicles are already reality.

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