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The Golden Record - a holistic 360° customer profile

Case Study

Creating the Golden Record

Synonymous with customer experience, Harrods has become a hallmark of luxury retail.

But Harrods is no ordinary retailer. Its flagship 93,000 square metre, seven-floor department store in London’s Knightsbridge, signature green bags, beautiful interiors and world-renowned food halls attracts a varied audience of shoppers, including high net worth customers, celebrities and visitors from all over the globe. In addition to the store, Harrods offers luxury fashion, accessories, food, homeware and gifts online.

With over 330 departments and dozens of concierge-style services, it serves a challenging demographic looking for everything from haircuts to handbags.

Introduced in 2008 to replace a store card product, Harrods ‘Rewards’ loyalty programme allows members to earn points and awards exclusive access to an array of benefits, across four membership levels (Green 1, Green 2, Gold and Black’ that are determined by annual spend. Although well positioned with an existing CRM solution, more and more systems were being added across its varied services, resulting in siloed customer data sets that didn’t connect, e.g. different records were stored in different systems, but not linked to each other. Each department already offered its customers a high-level of service and personalisation; however, it was only available in-store or for high-value customers.

Find out how Harrods achieved the Golden record- a 360 holistic view of their customer data in the latest case study.

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